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Doradca kredytowy Kraków

Before we start - Financial Intelligence

Your financial awareness is very important to us, which is why we have prepared a series of videos for you that you should read before our meeting. They cover the most frequently asked questions and problematic issues in the field of finance, banking, law and real estate in the context of applying for a loan.

Download and fill in the form

Click the icon below to download an editable PDF form. On this basis, we will be able to develop an individual financing concept and adjust the currently most advantageous variants of bank offers to the described situation, comments and expectations – including expected loan overpayment, fixed interest rate, no commission, etc. Therefore, please describe your expectations and needs as precisely as possible when filling in at the bottom of the first page.

Doradca kredytowy Kraków
Doradca kredytowy Kraków

Submit the form and arrange a meeting

Upload the completed PDF. The document is available only for inspection by authorized persons and the data provided is protected by professional secrecy and banking law. Within a few hours of sending the form, we will call you and we will arrange further steps and a date convenient for you.

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