Optimise credit

Mortgage refinance

You have a right to change the bank servicing your mortgage for a more favorable one

  • Savings on monthly installment for most customers exceeds even 1000 PLN / month, and in the scale of the loan the value of several hundred thousand PLN. Call us – we will verify and tell you at once how much your estimated savings will be.
  • We will check and then optimize your mortgage for a lower interest rate, including the currently available low fixed rate to make you 100% safe.
  • After concept meetings and laying out a plan of action, we’ll get the paperwork done in as little as 2 hours. Zero percent commission. We will guide you through the entire procedure of transferring your mortgage to a new bank with a more favorable offer. From completing the documents to entering the new mortgage and deleting the old mortgage in the Land Registry.

Please submit the form so that we can get back to you already with a ready concept for optimizing your loan

Without the information in question, we can barely do anything. The form is confidential and the data is protected by professional secrecy and banking law. Within a few hours of submitting the form, we will call you to clarify further steps and set a convenient appointment.

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